What is a surf lifestyle?

Here's my effort to define this new creative venture.

Live a surf lifestyle

Living on the edge of the most pristine surf coastline in the world, maryla is a creative venture inspired by its spirit of rejuvenation and beauty. A surf lifestyle is one which is rich in the colours that evoke freedom, textures that embody a sense of warmth and an earthliness that gives nature a true home in our souls.

maryla is the creative design business established by artist and stylist maryla johns. Her career has taken many twists and turns, but design has been the core essence of her path. Working within the media industry for 12 years and creating some of the world’s best campaigns and marketing initiatives this new venture is about giving people a way home to the things that matter. And it’s just that - being home.

The range of products includes designer cushions, beach cushions, textiles, surf inspired art, and beach wares. All are being made with a simplicity and energy that will bring a space to life. Being based on hand created art, the aim is to instil a sense of creativity and edginess. Both these are reflective of the surf lifestyle.

Live a Surf Lifestyle - because you can.


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