Geelong Waterfront glamour twist

When I walk down the streets of any city, I see everyday people living everyday lives dressed in everyday clothes. Some do it in style. But most reserve their best look for the night, for "going out". These same people then put on their faces, add some colour to their lips, put on an eye-catching outfit, and are suddenly transformed. They walk down the same streets, but with a spring of excitement in their step. Anyone who sees them now, sees their glamorous side.

So, I was walking down the streets, the same streets, and I looked at the everyday architecture rather than the everyday people and I wondered whether these, too, could be as easily transformed. And then I would have "glamorous" designs created from the everyday locales where I live.

Here are my first three designer cushions which put a glamour twist on everyday scenes where I walk my dog.

Iconic Geelong Waterfront Designer Cushion - Yellow 
(Available mid-January, 2013)

Iconic Geelong Waterfront Fountain Designer Cushion - Yellow 
(Available mid-January 2103)
Iconic Geelong Waterfront Fountain Designer Cushion
(Available now


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