Abigail Ahern - the cheerleader.

Ok, I think Abigail Ahern is amazing. She's keeping it real when it comes to interior decorating. A home is a home. It's a place to live and be yourself. She respects those that take a risk and loves it when someone's own style is injected into a space - regardless of whether it works or not. It's about doing it 'because I can'.

Yes she has tips and tricks to share but it's this 'judgement-free' 'give-it-a-go' style of decorating that I love. We need this refreshing attitude with so many reality TV shows and such on what you must or must not do.

Here's an article recently published in the Geelong Advertiser where I shared my thought on Abigail's colour treatment and how I think it's going to be a bit of a trend. Going to the dark side! Thanks Addy for letting me share.

images in article are supplied by Abigail Ahern and taken by Graham Atkins Hughes


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