Maryla Surf Art Prints

Art is something that has been in my family forever. My Mum is an artist and I've had many long hours talking over her designs and encouraging her to be bold. So when the time came for me to start embracing the creative life I tapped into all those conversations and crazy ideas.

Mum started art later in life despite painting all the backdrops for the local school plays. But when it came the time to find something for herself after primary teaching for 26 years she took herself back to study art and photography. It changed her and I think it changed me to some degree.

Below are some of my surf art prints just launched on my website These are a reflection of the surf lifestyle that I love. They embrace the freedom, simplicity and hues that we all love about the ocean. Perfect for walls of your the beach house or any home that loves the simple coastal style.

'Surf Swirl', 60x60cm unframed, Giclee Art Print

'Floating under the surf", 60cm x 60cm unframed Giclee Art Print

'Surf Wash', 60cm x 60cm unframed Giclee Art Print


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